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International Falls to Witch Bay Camp is about 110 miles, this will take you about 3 hours to drive. When you cross into Canada the town is Fort Frances, at Fort Frances you will take highway 71 to Kenora. Follow the signs to Kenora you will go through Nestor Falls, Sioux Narrows (when you are in Sioux Narrows you will be exactly 30 minutes-from our camp road). Stay on 71 till you see a sigh for Witch Bay Camp.  You will turn left on Witch Bay Road.  The Road to camp is 7 miles long.  We will be at the end of the road waiting for you.

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  • Winnipeg MB – 150 miles
  • Duluth MN – 280 miles
  • Fargo ND – 320 miles
  • Minneapolis MN – 430 miles
  • Sioux Falls SD – 570 miles
  • Madison WI – 575 miles
  • Green Bay WI – 580 miles
  • Des Moines IA – 680 miles
  • Milwaukee WI – 680 miles
  • Chicago IL – 755 miles
  • Omaha NE – 805 miles
  • Kansas City MO – 880 miles
  • Indianapolis IN – 900 miles
  • St. Louis MO – 980 miles
  • Detroit MI – 1000 miles

About Witch Bay Camp

The Witch Bay Pro Staff is an expert group of anglers dedicated to making every guest's fishing trip the best possible. Their willingness to share and assist camp guests is what separates them from others. Expert anglers are relatively easy to find; those that enjoying assisting guests in catching fish and have a trip of a lifetime are rare.

Our pros want to work with anglers of all experience levels. Simply stated, they love to see camp guests fulfill their Ontario vacation dream by catching fish . . . lots of fish!

Witch Bay Camp

P.O. Box 238
Kenora, ON P9N 3X3, Canada

Phone:+1 (807) 548-3076
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